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Key Features & Values

Optimized Speed

All types of bundle offers

Fast Bundle equips your shop with different types of offers like simple product bundles, volume discounts, product and collection mix & match. These types of offers let you choose the best strategy for your shop.

Various Display

Various Display Options

Classic offer display on products’ pages, show all offers on the Offers page, Combo products or Kits, offer popup on the cart page, etc.


Lots of Customizations

You can customize almost everything. The Add to Cart button’s color and label, offer title, additional descriptions, offer’s background color and even width of the offer’s box in pixels!

All Features Are
FREE to Use

All Features Are Free


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AYU Cosmetics
This app really helped us to bundle our products together and upsell. Customer service is excellent and any small issues we came across were fixed in a matter of minutes.

Discount Supplements

Unbelievable app. We needed a new bundle app that worked with our multi-buy pricing on scripts. Works perfectly. We love the design, all contained in a box so everything is formatted. The team behind this are so helpful, they have styled it exactly how i want and answered many emails from me. 10/10 . Anyone wanting bundles on their website, get this app

Clockwork Soldier

The team at Fast bundle are perfect, they have been super responsive to queries that assisted with specifics around our theme as well as general user support on generating bundles in the best way for scenarios. A good little plugin that is simple and effective.

Belter Wear

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Firstly, the customer service is outstanding. Initial contact returned within minutes then technical follow up within hours. Secondly, the app is outrageous value with the free version offering everything I needed to set up the website & test suitability. Very intuitive for someone like me who isn't tech savvy. No coding whatsoever ...

The Way of The Modern Beast

This app is amazing! it's so easy to use and create bundles, and increase your upsell ratio! that without mentioning the top notch customer service! And the flexibility they have to help you customize your bundles according to your needs and your store


Customer service is great. This app includes everything you need to set up bundles in your store. Highly recommend

Frances In Flames

Great app so far, does exactly what I need it to! The customer service has a sense of humor which is a plus, that means they are real people I can have a conversation with! Also got back to me via email super quick!

UnEarthed® Premium Scented Candles

This app is absolutely wonderful. Some apps are extremely complicated to set up and sometimes you just want to say, "Can't you just make it to where I hit install and it works???" Well this is almost one of those. You do have to choose your colors but other than that it's very easy to understand and setup is a whiz. Quick response on assistance with an issue ...

The Red Wagon

This app is great! It makes it so easy to offer bundles as products and I love that customers can choose which variant they would like. It was very hard to find the exact kind of app we were looking for, but this had everything we needed. The support team is amazing and replied to my questions very quickly. They were extremely helpful!

obge hk

I used this app to create bundles for my shops. I was very satisfied with the service I received. The service team and tech team will help me solve the problem quickly as I wished. Thanks so much!


Super easy to use. really helped us increase the revenue. Especially creating a product out of a bundle is fantastic. And if you don't understand something the service team is very helpful!


This app is great for creating bundles. It is super easy, convenient and even for the free plan, customer support is amazing and they totally customize your store according to your needs. Recommended 100%.

Baby Props by Sally

I've been looking for an app that does exactly what this app does for ages! This app is amazing and the support is excellent! The app is very simple to use, it's definitely upped the sales on my store! If I could give it 10 stars I would! Well done Fast Bundle one very happy customer here!

What are the best strategies
for bundling?

There are several strategies to bundle your products:

Upsell through
the Funnel

Catch the attention of the customers that have proceeded through the selling funnel and upsell. One of the best places is the cart page where the customer checks his/her cart. You can display your bundle offer there and get the customer's undivided (or full) attention.

Catch Attentions

Related Products

When people visit a product, they may also be interested in the related items of that product if they’d be informed about them.

Related Products

Collection Mix & Match

If you have some collections from which customers may like to choose at the same time, grant them the satisfaction of creating their customized product bundles. This type of offer makes your customers feel powerful and gives them free will to choose which are hard to come by in online shopping.


Show Off the Savings

People love to see how much money they’re saving. So when a bundle offer is introduced, it’s better to show-off the percentage and/or the value of the money they save on their deal so they can taste a more tangible joy when shopping.

Show Saving

Bundle Leftover or Less Popular Products

Bundling is one of the best strategies to sell your leftover products next to the hot-selling ones and get rid of them.

Leftover Products

Which Themes Do We Support?

One of the biggest concerns about Shopify apps is the compatibility of the app and the theme of your shop. We are happy to say that the app fits almost all the usual themes, and also we were able to handle to fix the minor issues of all other themes so far with our technical support.

Which Themes

So even if your theme is too customized and special, don’t panic and just contact our support team to make sure that every probable incompatibility would be handled.

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Our FREE Features

We will not charge you until you use the app for a meaningful time. “All the features” are “FREE” so that you can have a full experience on the app. Our features are:

Standard Bundle offers.

Offer as a Product which helps you create Bundle products (also known as Combo products or Kits).

Volume discount offers with several options.

Product Mix & Match offers which let customers select/deselect some products from an offer.

Collection Mix & Match offers which let customers create their own bundle of products and get the discount of the offer.

The Offers page which includes all the available offers in the shop on a single page.

The Cart pop-up which promotes an offer on the cart page.

Tracking the inventory and specifying the show/hide setting of unavailable offers.

Creating a landing page for every offer which helps you to drive traffic directly to a page that includes only that offer.

Wide range of customizations on the offers, like the color of the button, the titles, etc.

Fully responsive to different mobile screen sizes.

Live chat and email support of the app, almost 24/7.

Our Free Features

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